Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice Radcliff

People rely on doctors, hospitals and other medical providers to help them recover from sicknesses and injuries.. Most of the time, medical providers do an excellent job of caring for patients and their loved ones.

Sometimes, however, medical providers make mistakes while caring for their patients, and do not exercise the proper degree of care and skill they should with their patients. The law requires medical professionals to use a degree of care and skill expected of a reasonably competent practitioner in the same class to which the provider belongs acting in the same or similar circumstances.   When the medical professional does not provide this standard of care, damages can be sought for physical pain, mental suffering, income loss, increased medical bills or fear of future medical complications.

For more than 40 years, clients have turned to Skeeters, Bennett, Wilson & Pike to help them through these very difficult cases.  We’ve helped clients recover monetary damages in a variety of medical malpractice cases.

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