Probate Process

Probate Law
Probate: Helping Survivors Cope with a Death in the Family

Giving advice to someone who has lost a loved one is a delicate and difficult, but very important task. The survivor is often undergoing profound emotional distress, yet very specific steps must be taken immediately after a death to ensure the survivor or survivors remain financially stable.  The attorneys at Skeeters, Bennett, Wilson & Pike help families in these situations by putting the estate through probate.  Probate is a process of administering and properly disposing of the property and handling the affairs of a deceased person under court supervision. This process includes taking legal custody of the deceased’s assets, assembling them, paying legitimate claims of creditors, and, finally, distributing the remaining assets to those rightfully entitled to them.

Our law firm has extensive experience in the probate process. We also help individuals with designated accounts such as life insurance policies, IRAs, annuities and company retirement plans. We assist with the administration of trusts as well. If a decedent paid social security taxes, the surviving spouse, children or parents may be entitled to certain benefits. We can also advise the estate concerning estate tax and income tax considerations.

Your estate is a sacred trust, and we will handle it as such.  Contact us today.